Hey guys,

Since the holiday season is over I was struggling with ideas to post about. Then I realised I haven’t done a favourites post in what feels like forever so here are some of my holiday favourites.


My first favourite is this incredible palette from Elf Cosmetics. It actually contains a blush/contour palette which lifts away to reveal a palette of 40 eyeshadows. You can swap which palette is on the top and which is underneath. This was my go-to palette for the entire holiday season. All of the colours are amazing and blend really easily.


Recently I’ve found that I’m using more stick foundations than liquid foundation. I feel like I get a better match to my skin tone and I’m able to create more natural looks. The foundation I’ve been absolutely loving this holiday season is the Anastasia Beverly Hills stick foundation. The coverage is amazing and it doesn’t make my skin look cakey or yellow like some other foundations do.


When it comes to brows, to put it bluntly, mine are rubbish. I have what I call half eyebrows. My brows finish halfway across my brow bone and they look quite terrible. I’ve tried lots of different products and I’ve mentioned a few in previous favourites posts, but this is the best by far. The Precisely My Brow Pencil from Benefit Cosmetics. This pencil means I can style and shape my brows how I want and they look really natural and don’t look strange or like bricks.

The final item in my favourites is the Naked Illuminated Trio from Urban Decay. I had been wanting this palette for so long but it was so popular that every time I went to buy it, it was sold out. Somehow my mum got her hands on one and you can imagine my excitement on Christmas when I opened it. These highlights are so pigmented and I love the effect they give when you wear them.

I hope you guys enjoyed the post. Let me know some of your Winter favourites in the comments below.

I’m going to be in London next week so I won’t be able to upload. If anyone wants to write a guest post feel free to contact me to let me know. My links are on the contact page. If there’s no guest authors then the next post will be in 2 weeks.

Until next time,