Hey guys,

Welcome to my first proper post of 2017. I thought since it’s the first day of the New Year it’s the perfect time to share my New Year’s resolutions for 2017 with you guys. Feel free to leave your resolutions or anything you want to achieve this year below.

Last year I gave myself 5 resolutions, one of them being to stick to my resolutions, which looking back is a bit silly now. Last year I also had the very typical resolutions like eat healthier and exercise more. This year, although I do intend to keep that up, I’m not going for the typical resolutions, I’m being a bit more me.

  1. Renew my faith – Ever since I was born I’ve been raised as part of the Christian church, but a few years ago my family stopped attending church. I was still quite young at the time and so didn’t fully understand what it meant to be a Christian. As my time away from the church grew I started realising that although I few myself as a Christian I actually need to change a few things in my life before I can confidently say that I am a devoted Christian. This year is the year I plan to make these changes.
  2. Do more for me – I’ve spent years looking for a group of friends that I can call friends and mean it, and in 2016 I found the group of people who accepted me for me. I found my friends. However sometimes even when you’re around friends you maybe decide not to voice you opinion over certain issues because they’ll be frowned upon. Even though I may be with my friends it’s hard to do or say what I think is right, because I’m afraid of what the reaction might be. I have friends, good friends, so this year I’m going to remember that, and I’m going to do more for myself instead of just staying quiet.
  3. Stay positive – we all struggle with stress sometimes, we all have sadness and there are time when all of us will think that theres no point in continuing with a task or a cause or something that not too long before was really important. I let negativity bring me down a lot in 2016. There were times I thought that everything I was doing was pointless, that nobody cared, that I should just stop, nobody would notice, but I’m determined that I won’t let negativity bring me down in 2017.I’m going to try my hardest to look at everything more positively and hopefully by doing that not only will I be happier but the positivity will spread and the people around me will be happier and more positive too.
  4. Dedicate myself to the things I enjoy – One of the things I love most is music. I play piano, guitar and I sing as well, but in 2016 I would get so stressed with school, and other things I was doing that I wouldn’t practise enough, and because of the stress I was feeling, my music then became a chore. The same has happened with sports I enjoy and other things too. In 2017 I plan to get rid of as much stress as I can so that I am able to dedicate my time to the things I enjoy and get back to enjoying them without stress or feeling like I’m doing a chore.

My resolutions this year are a lot more personal to me than they were last year. I guess we’ll find out how I do this time next year.

Do you guys have any resolutions for 2017? Let me know in the comments.

Lets enjoy 2017 guys.

Until next time,