I’m going to start by saying that I’m sorry for your loss. It must be difficult thinking you had cheating material for an exam, only for it to be taken away from you, and I know you’re looking for someone to blame, but you can stop looking at me.

While I in no way agree with cheating for an exam, and I don’t agree with how the material was found, I was not the person who alerted the school to these activities. A number of people bought the material to help themselves with an exam. It could be any one of them, or since the whole year group knows, it could really be anyone. So why do you all feel like you can accuse me?

Your gossip is not only incorrect, but it is also extremely hurtful. I have been subject to name-calling, remarks being made behind my back, and some of my “friends” who believe this rubbish have abandoned me whilst I need them the most. All because of someone gossiping things that are untrue and offensive. This week I mark the 1 year anniversary of my grandfather’s death, this is a very sad and difficult time for my family, I don’t need any more problems in my life right now, but it looks like you just won’t give up.

I’d like to finish with a bit of advice to all of you trying to make my life miserable – stop. Just stop, because guess what : I’m not going to let what you say offend me. On the day the gossip started I came very close to breaking; I was crying in classes, I was afraid to enter the corridors, and I thought everyone hated me. But that isn’t true any more. I maybe don’t have as many friends as I thought I did, but my true friends have stuck with me and I’ll make sure I remember that. You can’t win and you won’t win because I’m not going to let you beat me. So I suggest you take my advice, and stop, before you realise you’re wrong.

And to the person who started these rumours, the person who decided it would be funny or clever to make the whole year group turn on me, I suggest you tell everyone that you made a mistake or that you made these rumours up. There is around 155 people in our year group, any one of them could have alerted the school to the cheating going on in our year. Also, I know for a fact that if I had been a part of this scheme I would have been feeling extremely guilty afterwards. It may be someone involved who has gotten a guilty conscience. I don’t have the answers to all of your questions but I do have the answer to one. No. No I’m not to blame, and you can’t blame me for anything that has happened in the last week, so go find someone else to blame.

Hey guys,

As you can probably tell, this wasn’t exactly this week’s planned post, so I’ll just give you a little background to what’s happened, and why I’m writing this open letter.

As a lot of you guys probably know, for ages a few years ago I was bullied. It was horrible, but since it stopped nothing has really happened since. However, this last week in school, a lot of stuff started happening, and this time it’s on a much bigger level.

My school organise exams twice every year, once in the winter and once in the summer. This coming week sees all of the pupils in the school take their winter exams, so everyone should be revising really hard. But this isn’t the case with physics. A boy in my year group was somehow able to get his hands on a physics paper early, and take pictures of it, which he then sold to different people for quite a lot of money. Somehow the school found out about these activities and are disciplining the people involved.

For some reason my whole year group, and I mean my whole year group think that I tipped the school off, which is completely untrue. When I first heard about this whole thing I thought it was something that had been made up for attention. I thought it was someone telling lies so they would get more friends, as more people would want to be around them if there was a chance they would be helped with their exams. However it turns out that everything I had heard was actually true, and the school had found out, and for some reason the rumour that I’m behind this is now being spread. I’ve had people opening windows and yelling things at me, I’ve been accused over and over again, I’ve had rooms and groups of people go silent when I’m near, and I’be had a lot of my “friends” believe what they’re hearing and abandon me. And that hurts a lot.

I have exams this week, and I also mark the anniversary of my granddad’s death this week, so this week was already going to be extremely difficult, but with rumours flying around school about me, I’m afraid everything’s going to get a lot worse now.

So of course I turned to my blog. I know long posts like this never tend to be read, but being able to write this open letter has really helped boost my confidence a little bit. I haven’t lost friends, I’ve realised who the real ones are, and as for the gossipers, they can talk about whatever they want. With my real friends around me I know they can’t beat me.

So if you’ve read this far, thank you. I know this post has been a bit of a rant, but these things needed to be said.

I hope you guys can take something away from this post, it’s not nice to gossip, it’s not clever to cheat, and you don’t lose friends, you only discover who your real friends are.

There won’t be a post next week due to my exams but I’ll have a post up in 2 weeks.

Until next time,