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You may (or may not) have noticed that I didn’t do a September or October favourites, and that’s because I’d decided that I was going to do an autumn favourites post instead.So this is my Autumn favourites.


The first item I’ve been loving during this autumn is the “Need it Nude” eyeshadow palette from E.l.f cosmetics. The colours are all so beautiful and I’ve been able to create some beautiful looks with this. I find that I’m able to create really natural looks as well as some really dramatic looks, and the palette itself was really cheap. The quality is really impressive and the colours are beautiful. E.l.f have a few eyeshadow palettes and they’re all so beautiful, but after buying this I’m very happy that I chose this one.

I’ve also been loving these metallic liquid lipsticks from MUA. I got the shades Flash, Flare and Bedazzle. All of these lipsticks are amazing. They’re super pigmented and last a really long time.with the metallic lipsticks there’s also a really nice shine that comes off the lipsticks which I think is really pretty.


I got this pout perfecter as a free gift from E.l.f and I haven’t stopped using it. This is a glittery lip gloss that gives off incredible shine. Unlike any other glitter lip glosses that I’ve tried this doesn’t feel very lumpy with the glitter. This lip gloss just feels like a normal lip gloss but gives the effect of having glitter so I think it’s amazing. It’s also a really nice natural shade so if I’m going for a more natural look then this is perfect.

For skin care I got a few things from E.l.f. I got the daily moisture stick and the acne fighting gel. I haven’t been using these products long but after only 2 or 3 days my skin looked completely different. I get really bad acne and my skin gets really dry but these have been amazing for my skin. My skin isn’t as dry anymore and I haven’t seen any huge spots since I started using the gel. I’d definitely recommend both of these products.

The final items I haven’t been able to set down this autumn are my new brushes from Tarte. I wrote a post about these brushes a few weeks ago so make sure you check that out.

Link : Tarte x Nicol Brush Set unboxing.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. There are many more products I’ve been loving lately so if you want to see more posts like this let me know by liking or leaving a comment below.

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