Hey guys,

Last week I received a package from E.l.f cosmetics. I’d ordered a couple of items, and I’d gotten a lot of free gifts with it, so I thought this was the perfect chance to do another unboxing post for you all.


The first item I opened was the sheer setting powder I ordered. I haven’t owned that many loose powders before, but from the few I have owned, this is definitely the best. It sets my makeup perfectly, nothing moves all day, and it doesn’t make my face feel really cakey. (don’t think thats a word) I’d ordered this and was a little worried about how good this powder would be, or how much I would get, because compared to some other setting powders this is really cheap, but it’s actually really good and you get quite a lot too.


The next item I opened was another powder I’d ordered. This is the sheer underage setting powder. I ordered this to have a powder I could wear under my eyes even when I’m not wearing foundation and this honestly is amazing. This powder gets rid of my dark circles even when I’m not wearing foundation or concealer. It also helps set any makeup I am wearing in that area and gives my skin a really soft feel.


Now onto the free gifts. The first gift I looked at is a beautiful glittery gel eyeshadow. This stuff is so pigmented and is really easy to apply and blend out. It also lasts for a really long time and doesn’t fade when I only put a little bit on.


I also received some “dramatic” lashes. These lashes are possibly the best lashes I’ve tried. Not too long ago I put a post up asking you guys what lanes you’d recommend, and I’ve been trying a few different brands since, but these are some of the best lashes I’ve tried.


Next I looked at this lip tint, and I was completely amazed. From a glance I thought that this was just a normal lipstick, but it’s actually a lip tint. It reacts with the chemicals in your lips to produce a unique colour and the colours look really beautiful. If you want a natural colour then one or two coats are perfect, but add a few more coats and you get a beautiful, deep pink colour. I was a little bit doubtful when I saw the shade of the lip tint itself, but don’t be fooled, the end colour isn’t that light at all.


Next I opened this mineral infused mascara, and honestly I was shocked at how healthy my lashes felt afterwards. Granted, this mascara doesn’t provide much volume or length, really what it does is just make light lashes look darker, but the minerals in the mascara also make lashes a lot healthier. My lashes used to be very short and unhealthy, but after using this mascara once or twice they felt so much softer, healthier and fuller.


The final gift I received was this eyeliner pencil. It’s a really beautiful shimmery black pencil and it’s actually really easy to apply. With a lot of other eyeliner pencils that I’ve used the product is really hard to apply and with this pencil I’ve found that it doesn’t catch as much so is easier to apply.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. All of the items in the post were from E.L.F cosmetics.

Let me know if you guys have received any free gifts from companies before, and if you’ve liked them.

Until next time.