Hey guys,

 Yesterday I got a parcel I’ve been hoping to get for ages, and I’m so excited to finally be able to share it with you all. So last week I was able to buy one of the last Tarte x NicolConcilio Brush sets from Tarte. I was so happy I got them on time, and yesterday they arrived. I thought it would be the perfect chance to do an unboxing post, so that’s what I’m gonna do for you guys.

As soon as I received my package I was already impressed. The outside of the box wasn’t just your typical postage box, it had a Tarte design on it. Opening the box, things just get better. The top of the box is beautifully designed with a paint splattered effect which makes me even more excited to open the rest of the package up.


Out of the box I take out a package which feels like the whole thing is just made of packing paper. The paper even has “tarte” printed on top and looks really professional.

I unwrap the packing paper and see the brush set box. The box looks really great. The design is very artistic and very professional. It has pictures of the brushes on the front, and a bio that Nicol wrote on the back. There’s a quote at the top which reads: “Makeup is an art form & the beauty’s in the brush” which I think is very true, because no matter how great quality makeup you own, if you don’t have the right tools to make it look good, then it ain’t gonna look good. (Unless you’re insanely talented)


I open the box and there’s more packing paper. This paper is a brighter pink and has the tarte logo as well as Nicol Concilio printed on it. The colours and designs of everything so far have been really impressive and everything is really professionally done. I unwrap the paper and there’s the star of the show, the brushes. They look amazing. Totally worth the wait.


The first brush I lift to have a look at is the “Beauty in the buff” airbuki foundation brush. This brush is really soft, but also really dense so it’s perfect for blending and bussing things out. The brush also doesn’t feel harsh on my skin, like some other brushes do, and it’s really easy to blend everything perfectly with this brush.


The next brush I take a look at is the “face framer” powder brush. This, again, is super soft, and doesn’t feel harsh on my skin at all. It works amazingly with powder, bronzer, blush, any powder makeup. It makes setting my makeup, contouring and bronzing, so easy.


The next brush I was dying to have a look at was the “fan girl” fan brush. (Confession time) This is the first fan brush I’ve ever owned. I’ve never been able to find one that I’m happy with the quality, or the price, so I’ve never owned a fan brush before. This may be my first fan brush, but I love it. It’s incredibly soft and makes applying highlight super easy. The fact that it isn’t harsh on my skin is an added bonus.

Next up I took a look at the trio of eye brushes. (From left to right) :

“Smooth moves” eye blending brush

“Shade thrower” contouring eye brush

“Smudged up” shadow smudge brush

These brushes are absolutely everything. They’re so soft and are perfect for what they’re designed for. The blending brush blends all my eyeshadow out perfectly, the contouring eye brush is angled, and a bit denser, and is perfect for getting transition colours into the crease, and the smudging brush is perfect for smoking out the lower lash line.

Altogether I’m really happy with everything about this package. From the box, down to the products themselves, everything is amazingly designed and makes a beautiful package to receive. I was extremely lucky to get one of the last of these brush sets.

I hope you guys enjoyed the post. I have a few more packages I’m waiting for which should arrive within the next few days, so if you’d like another unboxing post, make sure you let me know in the comments below.

Until next time,