Hey guys.

So as a lot of you guys know, I’m still in school, and that means every year there’s lots of pressure wheather it’s to get assignments in on time, or to do well in exams, I always tend to be busy. But this year is one of the most important years for me so far, and already a lot of things are different. It makes you think about the future. What’s going to happen? Nobody knows, but if you had the chance to ask older you 5 questions about your future, what would you ask? Here are the 5 questions I’d like to ask older me.

Dear Older Me,


I know you’re probably super busy with work or something, but I have a few questions I’d like the answers to, that is if you’re able to answer them.

  • Do I ever become less serious, and have more fun? – As you know, right now I’m kind of insecure about a lot of things. It means that I act really serious. It means that instead of making excuses to my parents to let me go out with me friends, I’m making excuses to my friends as to why I can’t go out. It means I don’t have the confidence to be me everywhere I go, and I bottle a lot of stuff in. And while I know this is a part of me, right now I don’t like this part of me. Do I ever get rid of it? Or do I start to like it more? I mean there’s nothing wrong with being the sensible one, but right now I feel like I’m missing out on a lot, and in a way it’s my own fault.
  • Do I ever start to trust people more? – Because of being bullied for a long time I find it really hard to trust people. It’s meant that I’ve had to stop talking to a lot of people who I really care about and I’ve fallen out with a lot of friends because I haven’t been able to trust them. It’s even meant simple things like I don’t lend people my notes from class in case they don’t return them, or I have to do all the arrangements for days out because I don’t like not knowing what’s happening. And again while I know it’s a part of who I am, I don’t like losing friends because of it.
  • Do I get into the singing group I really want to join? – Music is a big part of my life. If I go a day without singing or listening to music, or playing the guitar or piano, then something’s wrong. For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to join the competition choir in my school. They do big national competitions and have actually done well in previous years. A few weeks ago I auditioned, and when the acceptance list went up I was gutted that my name wasn’t on the list. The next day I had a meeting with the head of music. She said that I would have gotten in but there were’nt enough spaces, so I have to wait to find out if I get accepted. While I know this is a short term question, right now it’s really important to me.
  • Do I do well in school? –  This year is a big year for me in school and the years after are just going to get bigger and bigger. It’s a lot of pressure and, as I think everyone does, I’d love to know if I do well or not. My parents joke around about getting good grades and setting a good example for my little brother, because he’s just gotten into the same school that I’m in. Obviously every parent wants their kids to do well, and there’s no way of knowing if you do well or not until you’ve done your exams and you get your grades, but being able to know if you do well or not could be the motivation you need.
  • Am I happy? Do I have a good life? – I think this is a question that a lot of people would ask their older selves if they could. Things change. I could go from being the quietest person on the planet to becoming a pop star. Or I could go from getting good grades to getting rubbish grades and not getting into the uni I want, or not being able to do the job I want. But that shouldn’t matter if I’m happy, and I think that’s an opinion a lot of people should have. So what if you don’t get all A*’s? As long as you’re happy and healthy then nothing else should really matter. So that’s something I really want to know. When I get older, am I happy?


Me 2016.

I hope you guys enjoyed the post. I really enjoyed writing it. It made me think hard about what I want to know about my future because while I want to know some things about my future, keeping some things a mystery sounds good too.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve done a post like this, to if you do write one, send me a link, I’d love to read it.

Until next time,