Hey guys.

It’s September. That means it’s getting closer to winter. The days get colder, the trees lose their leaves, and of course, it means that it’s time for my August Favourites.

I love August. It’s one of those months where as autumn starts you can start using darker makeup colours. During August I started working more on my brows, started using false lashes more, and started using darker colours on my eyes and lips. So here are my favourite products from August.


My first favourite is my new Collection Brow Kit. This is in my favourites mostly because it’s the only brow product that I’ve used this month. I found that the colours are quite dark so I got the kit for blonde hair. The kit has 3 colours of powder and a brush for filling in your brows. It also has a clear brow mascara to lock the colour in place once you’re finished filling in your brows. The brush is an angled brush and it makes filling in space areas of brows really easy, but I’ve found that this is really dark when applied, and since my brows are actually quite light thats meant that I’ve only really been using one colour. Let me know in the comments what brow products you guys like, and if it’s available for light to medium brows.


Next up is a product I’ve been using a lot more and been loving. My Nudes Eyeshadow Palette from Maybelline New York. Because August feels like the beginning of autumn for me it means darker colours on the eyes, so I’ve been using the nudes palette to create really nice combinations that are subtle, but dramatic at the same time. I’ve been really impressed at how easily the eyeshadows blend, I’d forgotten because I hadn’t used the palette in a long time. There are some really nice light colours that are perfect for just adding a touch of sparkle, there are golds and browns for making the perfect smoky lid, and there are dark browns and blacks for creating the perfect smoky crease and for creating definition. I used this palette for in some way nearly every day in August.

In August I also got more into false lashes, and although I haven’t tried a lot, some of my favourites so far have been the Collection Luscious Lashes. These are amazing. Each set comes with 2 lashes and eyelash glue. I got the Glam Volume lashes and the Cat’s Eye lashes. The Glam Volume lashes are amazing for volume and colour. They also make my eyelashes look really thick, which is good for me because I have some areas where I have nearly no lashes, and other areas where I have lots, so the Glam Volume lashes made that problem go away. The Cat’s Eye lashes were very dramatic lashes. The are shorter lashes on the inside of the eye and longer the further outwards you go. The Cat’s Eye lashes also have an “integrated liner” which basically means that when you apply the lashes it looks like you have eyeliner on, so you don’t need to apply any. My only criticism would be that the lashes look very synthetic. They’re kind of shiny, so look sort of fake. Let me know below if you know any false lashes I should try as well.

The final products in my August favourites are my Nicol Concilio Lip Crayons from Lapland. I am in love with these crayons. They’re so creamy, really easy to apply and they’re really pigmented. I also love the colours. The crayons also come with a sharpener so you don’t need to buy a separate lip liner, because they can do both. I found during August I was using either Zoey (left) or Gigi (middle) for either a dark reddish lip or a really natural lip. The formula makes these lip crayons really easy to apply and they last all day without smudging.

So I hope you guys enjoyed my August favourites post. Let me know any of your August favourites below, or leave the link to your August favourites post if you wrote one.

From now on I’m going to be uploading on a Saturday or Sunday because uploading on a Wednesday is going to be really hard as with school back I’m going to have to work on assignments on Wednesdays.

Until next time,