Hey guys,

Today I thought I’d do something a little different. I’ve wanted to share what music I listen to with you guys for a while now, but any music I like I put into one playlist, so  it’d be quite hard to explain each song to you guys, so I’m going to shuffle my playlist and explain to you guys why I like each song that comes up.

I’ve always loved music. I’ve always thought a good song can transport you. For a small amount of time you aren’t just sitting on the bus going home, you’re a pop-star, singing on a huge stage in front of a huge crowd. Even though some music doesn’t always have the ability to do that, it can still be good music. Music sometimes makes you feel emotions that you weren’t feeling 30 seconds before. That’s music that has power. My playlist is a place where I can put all of the music that transports me, or changes my emotions. I can put all my music in the one place and know it’s there when I need it. But enough of the babbling, I’ll get on with the post. (The links to each album mentioned will be at the bottom of the post.)


First shuffle and Castaway by 5 Seconds Of Summer plays. This is from the album “Sounds Good Feels Good”. We all have that one song or album that is kind of a guilty pleasure for us. We keep in in our playlist, or our music library, but very rarely listen to it. This is kind of what 5 Seconds Of Summer is like for me. Once upon a time I loved this album. It was the only thing I listened to for weeks, but then it became a bit boring. I still like the music, but I don’t get the same excitement when it comes on than I once did. It is still nice to have it in my playlist to have something I know every now and then(I also have their album called 5 Seconds Of Summer in my playlist too.) Castaway is one of the songs that I actually still enjoy listening to. It’s the kind of song I like listening to if I’m maybe annoyed at someone, or stressed about something. It starts off kind of fast but by the end of the song i nearly always feel calmed down.


The next song that comes up on shuffle is Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran. This is from the album “x”. Although this is the only Ed Sheeran song in my playlist, I like a lot of his music. I was first properly introduced to Ed Sheeran music just over a year ago in a guitar lesson. My guitar teacher thought I’d like to learn some Ed Sheeran, and was surprised when I said I wasn’t actually too familiar with it. I was given the homework to listen to some Ed Sheeran and really liked it. Although there are quite a few songs I like, there was something I really liked about the guitar part in Tenerife Sea, so it made it onto my playlist.


On my next shuffle a song called Ref by Pentatonix plays. Pentatonix is an Accapella group from America. They have a ton of albums and I have quite a few in my playlist. Pentatonix do a lot of covers but also have some original songs too. Their talent is amazing. I first discovered Pentatonix on holiday in 2014 and I loved their music. Very quickly a lot of their music appeared in my playlist and it’s all amazing.(In some cases I like the Pentatonix cover of songs better than the original songs)


The next song that came up on my shuffle was Conor Maynard’s cover of 7 Years. Not too long ago I was on Youtube just watching music videos and the video for this popped up. I watched it and I just thought the music was incredible. the way the videos were filmed also meant I was able to see how the song was being played on the keyboard. I play piano so the Conor Maynard videos actually helped me learn some actual songs on the piano, instead of all the classical music you learn to play when your piano teacher is a university lecturer. I listened to some more Conor Maynard covers and they were all just as good, so I was actually quite excited when the “Covers” album was released earlier this week. The whole album went straight into my playlist.


The song that comes up when I shuffle my playlist for the final time is Dancing On My Own by Calum Scott. While I was on holiday last month I heard this song quite a lot, it was playing nearly every day in the hotel. I really liked how the song tells a story, and has a lot of emotion. It’s something that a lot of songs nowadays don’t really have. I also liked this song because of the piano soundtrack, I thought this would be an amazing song to learn on the piano.

I hope you guys enjoyed the post. Let me know some of your favourite music in the comments. Also let me know if you’d like me to do more posts like this. There’s still a heap of songs I haven’t posted about.

Until next time,


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