Hey guys.

Now since it’s August now it can only mean one thing, time for my favourites from July. And because I was on holiday in July there’s a lot of new stuff.


My first makeup favourite is my new Highlight by George. This was super cheap but the shine is amazing.  It’s a liquid highlight and it it so easy to blend. It also lasts for a really long time, and you don’t need to use a lot because the shine is so good. It also has a slight pink colour to it which I think is very pretty. This product is only available in the UK (in Asda). But I’d definitely recommend looking around your local supermarket for any budget highlight, because this is the cheapest piece of makeup I own, but the best highlighter I own.


My next favourite is my new Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara. I got 2 of these. One in Extra Black and one in Brown. I use the black mascara for more dramatic eye makeup looks and I use the brown mascara for more natural makeup looks. The mascara want is great for applying makeup to all of my lashes it really makes my lashes a lot longer and bolder.


My next favourite is a new makeup brush. I got this Brush on Amazon, and it was quite cheap, but it’s such a good brush. It’s a round kabuki brush with a flat top. It’s amazing for foundation and for blending in things like concealer. It’s not harsh on my skin and blends everything beautifully. I’d highly recommend it, and if not this exact brush try looking online and in shops for makeup brushes, because I find this brush better than some of my branded makeup brushes.


Next up is another brush. This is my new Sculpting Brush from Real Techniques. This brush is amazing. It is absolutely perfect for blending my cream or liquid contour products. It creates a really defined contour and blends the product out beautifully. Again, it’s a soft brush, and isn’t harsh on my skin at all. It’s another one of my must have makeup brushes.


Also in my favourites is my new primed & ready Primer from Collection. This primer is amazing. It really makes my skin really matte. It’s great to wear by itself because it really makes my pores invisible, but it’s also a great base for makeup. It makes my skin really soft and lasts for a really long time. It also really hydrates my skin, when some other primers don’t.


My next favourite is my new Maybelline Super Stay Setting Spray. I use this on every makeup look I wear and I love it. It really makes my makeup look a lot fresher for a lot longer. I spray some on my beauty blender or on a brush before I apply foundation and contour, and finish by spraying some on my whole face. It makes my makeup look extremely fresh all day.

Finally is my new eye kit from Victoria’s Secret. This palette is great. the eyeshadows are long-wearing and they’re actually quite pigmented.  The kit comes with an instruction card to show how to get a mild smokey eye or a dramatic smokey eye. The eye kit is a bit on the expensive side but there are 10 beautiful eyeshadows, a double ended brush and also an eyeliner pencil. It’s something that if you’re willing to spend a little bit more, I’d definitely recommend.

So there are my July favourites. I hope you enjoyed the post as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Leave me any of your July favourites below.

Until next time,