Hey guys,

Now something I’ve always struggled with is keeping things tidy and organised, especially my makeup and books. Recently I got some amazing items from IKEA that have seriously helped me, so I thought I’d share them with you.


The first, and possibly most important items, are my new KALLAX shelves. I got the 2×4 and the 1×4 shelves to make a stack of 3. I found it really hard to choose between the white shelves or any of the other choices, because they all look so sophisticated and the choice of designs is so big. The shelves are really easy to build and each section is big enough that I can store lots of products such as books, makeup or hair products. They’re a also great size for holding any school files or notes that I need to keep organised.

Another thing I bought that really helped me to keep organised are these DRÖNA boxes. I got 5 that are just boxes, which are great for holding things that are quite large like hairspray or school files.

I also got one box that has 2 drawers. this is great for storing smaller items. As you can see I use it to store my makeup.The drawers are equal sizes and have an amazing amount of space. I was able to fit all of my makeup into these drawers, and I’d still have space to fit more in if I needed to. Ikea has an amazing range of colours with these boxes, and they fit perfectly into each section, so it makes storage really easy.

Hope you guys enjoyed the post. I know that I always found it hard to get everything organised so I thought I’d give you guys some tips, in case any of you are having the same problem as me.

Let me know how you keep organised in the comments below.

Until next time,