Hey guys,

Sorry the post is slightly late this week, I was waiting for a package to arrive so I could share my summer must haves with you all, so here are my holiday make-up must haves.


My first makeup must have is the Collection Speedy Highlighter. This is one of the best things I bought when I was out shopping for makeup. It’s really easy to use, its a highlight stick, so whenever you’d normally apply your highlight, you just need to use a quick swipe of the highlight stick, blend it in with your finger and you’re good to go. This highlighter stick also has a great color and has a brilliant shine.


Next up is my new eyeliner collection. I got all of these from the Barry M counter. I got the gel liners in black and a glittery silver colour, and I got the liquid liners in glossy black and aqua. These liners are literally amazing. They’re completely waterproof and smudge proof and they dry almost instantly. They’re also really easy to apply, which is great for me because I’m not the greatest at applying eyeliner.


Next is concealer. I bought a couple of different shades of concealer. I bought the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in shade 1 which is fair and also in shade 4 which is dark. The reason I bought the 2 different shades is because I use the fair concealer under my eyes and anywhere that I think needs lightened up a bit, and I use the dark concealer to contour my cheeks, nose and to bronzen my hairline a bit. I also bought the Revlon Colorstay Concealer also in the shade fair. This concealer is just slightly darker than the Collection concealer so I use it to cover any blemishes or any redness on my face.


The next product is a product I’ve mentioned a few times before but can’t live without. It’s the Maybelline Baby Skin Primer. This primer is my go to primer. It hydrates my skin and makes it feel really soft. It also created the perfect base for my foundation so it’s a winner for me.

Finally, the package I was waiting on being delivered. These are the Nicol Concilio line of matte lip crayons from Lipland. These are amazing. They’re super creamy and really easy to apply. The colours are awesome and they don’t smudge.Even the design of the boxes and the actual crayons are amazing. The lip crayons also come with a sharpener so theres no need to buy a separate lip liner.

So there you go guys, those are my holiday make-up must haves. I hope you guys enjoyed the post. Please leave any of your holiday must haves in the comments below and don’t forget to follow my blog for more posts like this.

Until next time,