Hey guys.

So, as some of you guys know, recently I went on a camping expedition as part of my Duke of Edinburgh award.As part of the award scheme, I had to write an expedition report, so I thought I’d share it with you. Here’s my expedition report.

The First Day.

On the first day of the expedition my group started on the beach. On the beach we found that some people walked faster than others so we put the slower people at the front, and the faster people at the back, so we had a nice pace. The terrain on the beach was very rocky so it was hard to walk on, and the tide was in, so there were some points where my whole group was walking in the shallow water. We had lunch and after that we started going up the hills towards the camp. This was a bit easier as although it was uphill, most of our route from this point was on a path, which meant it was easier for us to navigate. It was nice to be able to come to an opening in the trees when we were up the hill and be able to see the beach where we had started. An amusing incident was at the start of the day. While we were walking along the beach, a couple of girls spotted a dead fish lying on the sand. It had been washed up by the tide and had been left there. One girl in my group decided that the fish couldn’t be left on the beach, even though it was dead, so picked it up in a plastic bag and carried it with her until she was finally persuaded to throw it away. During the day we had very nice weather and all of us had to refill our water because we all felt we may die of thirst if we didn’t.

The Second Day

On the second day we woke early, and it was raining but wasn’t very cold. We all got ready and packed away the tent quickly and we left camp at around 7:45am. On the second day we were all very tired so the whole group walked a bit slower, however we still had slow people at the front and faster people at the back. Very quickly after we set off we were in a forest and were following a river. The terrain was quite difficult to walk on as although it was a path, there were stones and tree roots underfoot which made it very hard to walk on. Then we started on a concrete path which was easier to walk on but was uphill which meant we walked at a slightly slower pace than we would have wanted. Eventually we got onto a stoney path with slowed us down again. Then we got onto the grass on the side of the mountains. We were able to walk at a steady pace here, after we stopped for lunch. An amusing incident was when we all had to cross a few rivers on the mountainside. We had all crossed the rivers before but because of the rain overnight, we all thought that the rocks and stones might be slippy, so most of us crossed the river holding hands with someone who was already across. We all found it very funny. We thought that anyone who may have seen us would think we looked very strange. On the second day the weather wasn’t as nice as on the first day. It turned quite cold and at some points there was even some rain or hail, but we didn’t let the weather get us down. Every 1/2 hour or so we all broke into song as we walked. We must have looked and sounded a little bit crazy, but it made the trip more enjoyable.


Overall my group’s menus were successful. Most of us had either sandwiches or wraps for lunch on both days. For dinner I had pasta which I had cooked at home, and a stir in sauce. I found this great as I was able to cook my food the way I liked it, and just heat it up at camp. Most of my group had similar menus,  some people had pot noodle and some people had Wayfarer meals. I think that generally the dinner menus were ok although there was one person who cooked their pasta from raw and put their tomato sauce in the trangia pot, which made it a nightmare to clean. If I had to make any modifications to the menus it would be that nobody puts sauce in the pot because that way it would be easier to clean. Some people had hot chocolates after dinner. For breakfast we all either had cereal bars or some sandwiches. We all had a lot of snacks with us.


Equipment list.

I personally brought :

  • Map
  • Compass
  • Rucksack
  • Carrymat
  • Sleeping bag
  • Bivvy bag
  • Spare clothes
  • Flip flops
  • Wash kit
  • Midge repellent
  • Cup, plate, bowl, knife, fork, spoon
  • 2 Packed Lunches
  • Dinner
  • Breakfast
  • Matches
  • Whistle
  • Snacks
  • Waterproofs, hat, scarf, gloves
  • Emergency phone/50p

Between everyone in my group we brought:

  • Route cards
  • Trangia
  • Sigg bottle & meths
  • Tent(outer and inner), pegs and poles


Overall I think I coped quite well with the expedition. I defiantly struggled with tiredness both days, more so on the second day, but I think that my group defiantly helped us all go as fast as we could. I think I coped quite well with the weather on both days and I think I managed my food well as I always had some energy and I was never hungry.
For future expeditions I would recommend that any leaders or supervisors make sure that everyone has the same, correct routes on their maps as there were a few moments, more on the practice expedition, where people in the group had slightly different routes on their maps and it took some time to determine which way was the correct way to go.

I really enjoyed my expedition. it was a really fun thing to do and I was lucky enough to be able to go with some of my closest friends. I’d certainly enjoy going on the same trip again.

So, that’s my expedition report. Don’t forget that there’s still time to submit an entry to be a guest author on my blog. For all the details check out Summer holidays – guest authors wanted.

Hope you guys enjoyed the post.

Until next time.