Hey guys.

In a matter of weeks, the school year finishes. The summer is in sight, just a few more weeks left. Recently I’ve been thinking about this a lot, so I decided I’d share my thoughts with you guys.
Now I know that everybody makes the same promises at the start of every school year, “I’ll try to get my grades up” or “I’ll finally get new friends”. Maybe you want to get onto a sports team or join a club that you haven’t done before. But, before you have to think about anything to do with school, you finally get some time off. Time to relax, time to do what you want to do.

I can’t wait for the holidays this year. After a year of hard work and a lot of exams, finally some time off. No need to worry about assignments, no need to worry about revision, I’ll be able to focus on having fun. Hanging out with my friends, blogging, and spending time with my family.

This year my family and I are going to Portugal for a while during the holidays. i’m super excited. Portugal gets really warm and the beaches are amazing. We are going with a group of friends and it’s going to be great for photos to share with you guys. However, and this is where you guys can help me out here, the resort my family and I are staying in requires payment for wifi, and it isn’t even that great, even when you do pay.

This lack of wifi will mean that I’m unable to write and upload my posts for while I’m on holiday, because I normally write my posts within a day or 2 of uploading. So the whole point of this story (yes I’m finally getting to the point) is to ask any of you amazing readers if you’d like to write a post for my blog as a guest author.

If you would like to be guest author there’s no criteria that you need to follow. If you would like to be considered for your post to be featured then there are just a few simple steps I need you to follow.

  1. Write a post that you’d be happy to publish on your blog in an email to me. My email address is:  justlifewitherin@gmail.com  (If you don’t have a blog, think about what you’d be happy with people reading if you did)
  2. Include the link to your blog (if you have one) so I can give you credit for the post, and let me know what you’d like the title of the post to be.
  3. If you aren’t using your normal email dress, include that so I can inform you if your post will be published and when.
  4. If you know anyone who may be wanting to start a blog and think they would like to have a post published, you can send them the link to this post, so that they can submit a post too.
  5. Anyone wishing to be a guest author needs to have their posts emailed to me by the 29th of June.


Hope you enjoyed the post. Just writing it has reminded me of how close summer really is!!

Until next time,