Hey guys,

So it’s June, which can only mean one thing. Here are my 5 favourite things from the month of May. Here are my May Favourites.


First up is this amazing bandana. I got it from Primark last year but lost it when I was unpacking from my holiday. Recently I found it again and I’ve been wearing it non-stop I just love it. The pattern and colours are just perfect for May because it’s white and blue. I don’t think Primark sell this bandana any more (it’s not on the website anyway) but all of their bandanas are so amazing. I love them all.


Next up is my Kipling Purse. My grandparents actually got me this while they were in America. This purse, to me, is the definition of summer. It’s light blue and has a floral print on it. I love kipling purses. I’ve owned a few now and they’ve always lasted a really long time for me. And isn’t the little monkey keyring so cute? Kipling have so many purses so if you don’t like this print or this certain design there are so many more you can choose from.

Next thing I’ve really enjoyed in May is something a bit different. It’s actually going for walks. I live really near a forest park, and a beach, so I’ve really enjoyed going for walks a lot recently, because of the nice weather. I’ve just noticed that after I get all my work done, before I sit down to watch tv and relax, going for a walk really calms me down and it’s actually really relaxing itself. Also, and this is me favourite bit, going for walks at sunset, and just before sunset, is the best photo opportunity ever.


I’ve also been really loving this Cath Kinston phone case recently. Cath Kinston have such a huge range of phone cases, so it was hard for me to choose just one. I just think that this case is so cute. It has a lot of very tiny details, and I think the colours are just so pretty. The case itself is actually really good. It’s thick plastic and protects my phone really well. the great thing is that if I drop my phone, the case does’t break, it just gets a little scratch, and the scratch doesn’t even affect the design.


The final thing I’ve been loving is my Accessorize iPad case. I really love the colours and the design on this case. It has a built in stand and has auto unlock so as soon as i open the case, my iPad unlocks. I bought this on amazon, but if you search around, Accessorize have tons of different designs on iPad cases. I’ve had a few different Accessorize cases before and they’ve always lasted a really long time. They aren’t made of a plastic that could easily snap, so they tend to last longer and don’t get damaged as much as plastic cases would.

So there you go, these are the things I really enjoyed during May.

Do you have any May favourites? Leave them in the comments below, or leave me a link to your May favourites post and I’ll check it out.

Thanks for reading my post, sorry it was a day late, my camera broke so I had to retake my photos.

Until next time,