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So last week I was contacted by a clothing company called FarFetch. They’re holding a summer outfit styling competition and asked me to participate, so today I’m going to share with you my summer wishlist.

To participate in this competition I really had to think. What does summer mean to me? What do I think of when I think of summer? And how can I display my thoughts about summer through my wishlist? To me, summer is all about relaxation. It’s clothes you can relax in. Free flowing clothes, things that look great but still make you feel comfortable. Summer means bright clothes, that are cool enough so that you don’t overheat if you’re on holiday in the sun. I’ve taken a huge range of items from the FarFetch website to feature. So relax, and enjoy my extensive summer wishlist.

Shoes 2Blog pic 4

The first item on my wishlist is the Dolce & Gabbana Floral Pumps. These are an item that really stood out to me from the selection of shoes available. The floral print just really struck me as summery, and they’re also really easy to match with a huge selection of other items, to make a very summer themed wishlist.


FarFetch have a huge range of dresses to choose from. Below are 3 that I thought were perfect for summer.

Blog pic 1

The first dress I saw that really struck me as summery is the Max Mara flared floral print dress. Just looking at it, it’s perfect for summer. It’s bright colours, and free flowing at the bottom. The fact it has no sleeves, and isn’t a full length dress means it’s perfect for keeping cool in the heat. This dress works really well with the shoes above and, just appears like the kind of dress which is a very comfortable, and an easy dress to just relax in.

Blog pic 2

The next dress that I thought would be perfect for summer is the Red Valentino sleeveless floral print dress. Again this dress just struck me as super summery. It’s really pretty with a floral print on white. This is the kind of dress I’d wear during summer. It’s the perfect length for summer time and is perfect for lounging around in the sun. Again with the dress having no sleeves it’s perfect for keeping cool on a hot summers day so seems like the perfect dress for summer to me.

Blog pic 3

The final dress on my wishlist is the Marc Jacobs floral print dress. I am in love with this dress. The design is just so beautiful, and I love the colour. This dress works really well with the shoes above and is the kind of I’d wear during summer. It isn’t very tight so means the person wearing it will be able to move around comfortably, and the shoulder straps mean that the person wearing the dress will be able to keep cool if it’s a very hot day.


FarFetch’s selection of skirts is great. They have so many amazing skirts. It was hard to choose just a few for my wishlist, but I did, and here they are.

Blog pic 6

The first dress I chose is the beautiful Brock Collection perforated midi skirt. This skirt is just beautiful. It’s around knee length and is high waisted. It’s a loose skirt which means that the person wearing the skirt can move around easily and it’s a bright white colour. Bright colours like this are just the definition of summer to me, and clothes that are loose and flowing are exactly the kind of thing I look for at summer.

Blog pic 7

The next skirt I found is the Marni ‘Dot Macramé’ A-line skirt. This A-line skirt is very pretty, and works very well with the shoes above. The colours are great because they contrast and I love the dot design. Again it is a high waisted skirt and is loose at the bottom, so will be very easy to move around in.

Blog pic 5

The final skirt I’m featuring on my wishlist is the Dolce & Gabbana Floral Print Silk Skirt. This is the perfect skirt for summer. The floral print just struck me as summery. It’s full length and high waisted, but is made from silk which is a very light, material. It’s perfect for summer because it’s very light and looks as though it is perfect to relax in, as it looks very comfortable. It has the exact same pattern as the shoes above so works perfectly with them.


FarFetch’s top collection is amazing. It took me ages to pick the tops I was going to feature on this post, and there are tons more that I didn’t feature that are amazing too.

blog pic 8

The first top I’m featuring is the Givenchy Floral Lace Blouse. I love this blouse. It’s a really nice white and has dropped shoulders with spaghetti straps, which is a design that I just love. It’s a loose fitting top so would be very comfortable and has a lace trim which I think is just beautiful. This top would work well with any of the skirts above, and would work well with the shoes featured above too.

Blog pic 9

The next top that I decided to feature is the 321 Cropped Tank. I think this top is really great for summer because it’s cropped, it’s a bit shorter than some other tops. The colour of this top is really great, it’s a really nice red which works perfectly with the skirts and shoes above. It struck me as being good for summer because it’s cropped and it has no sleeves, meaning the person wearing the top can keep cool on a hot day.

Blog pic 10

The final top I decided to feature is the Giambattista Valli bow detail floral top. This top is just amazing. It’s white and coral pink, which I think is a really pretty combination. It’s a high neck top but is very loose towards the bottom. It looks like a very easy top to relax in and is perfect for summer because the person wearing it wouldn’t get too warm due to there being no sleeves and the bottom being free flowing.

Trousers and Jewellery

Usually trousers and jewellery aren’t associated with one another but FarFetch had such a huge range of both that if I featured all of the items I wanted to, this post would never end. So here is a very small selection of trousers and jewellery that I think should be on my wishlist for summer.


Trousers 2

The first item I chose is the Dolce & Gabbana Daisy and Poppy print Trousers.  They’re a really nice floral print and are perfect for summer in my opinion. Face it, you aren’t going to want to walk around with bare legs every day. I certainly wouldn’t want to. These trousers are perfect for that slightly colder day when you want to cover up your legs, but still give off those summer vibes. They also have the same pattern as the shoes above so work perfectly with them.


I thought these items of jewellery were just perfect for my summer wishlist. They’re the Astley Clarke ‘Rising Sun’ Diamond Drop Earrings and the Astley Clarke Large ‘Rising Sun’ Diamond Dendant Necklace. I thought these pieces represented summer perfectly because they’re rising suns. For me the sun represents summer, so jewellery that is called “Rising Sun” is just the perfect way to finish off my summer wishlist.

So, I hope you guys really enjoyed my summer wishlist post. I’d like to thank FarFetch for inviting me to take part in the competition. I had such a great time researching all of the different items that I wanted to feature in this post.

All photos used in this post are from the FarFetch website.

Let me know what you think of my wishlist in the comments below.

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