Hey guys.

Today I thought I’d post about a camping trip I did recently with some of my friends, and what it taught me.

A few weeks ago I did something called the Duke of Edinburgh award. I think you can do it in different places all over the UK and it’s seen as a very useful asset.

One of the requirements is to go on an expedition, where you have to walk a certain distance, over a certain number of days, camping in between each day.

I was in a group with some of my closest friends, but having to spend all day hiking with some people, and then having to spend nights in a tent with them too, you learn some stuff. So here’s a list of what I leant while I was camping with friends.

  • Everyone has someone they don’t like.

If you spend enough time with the same people, becoming very tired and very sore and very irritable you realise, everyone has someone they don’t like. When I was hiking with my group I realised that a lot of the time, people would be walking along complaining about people they don’t like. If you take a step back and listen, it’s quite funny to listen to.

  • Everyone annoys everyone when you’re tired.

Spending a long, long time with your friends can make them all seem annoying at any time, but when you’re tired, when you’re up a mountain, hiking all day, even your best friends can annoy you. Just hearing them call your name, or hearing them singing along to their favourite song, can really annoy you. The arguments you have with some of your closest pals will seem like proper arguments at the time, but looking back, you’ll realise they’re simply ridiculous.

  • Your bed becomes like a dream.

Spending days on end walking, and walking, and walking, and then spending the night in a sleeping bag, on a thin mat on the ground, your bed, no matter how old or new, comfortable or uncomfortable, it becomes like a dream. You wish you could be at home in your own bed, out of the cold and the rain and hail and mud.

  • You aren’t the only person who doesn’t have their makeup.

Whenever you’re going camping, and you need to pack enough food, and enough dry clothes, and part of a tent, you end up not having enough room for your makeup bag. You miss it, but soon you realise you aren’t the only person without it, intact, nobody has makeup with them and it makes you feel a lot better. and anyway, having nothing on your skin for a few days can only be good for your skin. Don’t forget to bring some face wipes or something, so you can clean your face after every day.

  • You see the most beautiful sights.

All the doom and gloom aside, forgetting all the arguments you’ll have with your friends, forgetting the rain and the cold and the mud and the camping on a really thin mat, going camping with your friends can be one of the best experiences you will ever have. You really bond with everyone you’re with and you all look out for each other. And some of the sights you see are amazing (I’ll leave some pics of some of the sights I saw below). Camping with my friends was one of the best experiences and I honestly can’t wait until I can do it again.

I hope you enjoyed the post.

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