Hey guys.

So as March is over, it’s time for my March favourites!!

First item in my favourites this time is my new Heavy Metal Glitter Liner from Urban Decay. I love this liner so much, it’s liquid so it’s really easy to apply, and the colour is really great. I got the gold, but they have some other colours that are amazing too. Also, whenever it dries it doesn’t smudge or move at all which is also something else I love about it.IMG_0739

The next item in my favourites is my UPPTÅCKA toiletry bag from Ikea. I used this to go on holiday and I loved it. I was able to bring all my makeup and still zip it up. It also fit really easily into my case, and I love the colour.


Next up is my Nudes Palette from Maybelline New York. I mentioned this in my Holiday essentials post. I love all the colours on the palette and I love colour guide on the back so I can do the best colour combos, without even thinking.


I’ve mentioned this before, but this Baby skin primer is amazing! It creates a really smooth, even base for makeup and makes my pores look invisible, so it can still make my skin look better without putting makeup on.


Finally is my foundation, and I know I mention this A LOT but I really love it. I went away until a few days ago and I got a bit of a tan on my face, but not on my neck, so my original makeup still suited me, but that meant that to cover my tan I needed to use my foundation as a full coverage foundation, and it worked amazingly, so it’s in my favourites now as well.


I hope you enjoyed the post.

Sorry I wasn’t able to post last week, but as I was on holiday I had no wifi.

Let me know any of your favourites from March.

Until next time,