Hey guys!

So last post I showed you guys all of the makeup I’m taking away with me on holiday, so I thought this week I’d show you some of the clothes and shoes I’m taking with me. I won’t be going into ant detail with this post because there are so many items it would be a super long post, but let me know if you’d like me to do more posts about clothes, as well as makeup.

  • Shoes

I’m taking a few different types of shoes with me this holiday. I think it’s always best to have footwear for different activities. I’m taking trainers for whenever I’m going on walks, flats for walking around the hotel and flip-flops for walking around at the pool or the beach. I’m also taking boots so I can still go and explore the nearby towns on a rainy day.

  • Daytime clothes.

I’m taking some swimsuits and some dresses for daytime clothes. Most days I’m either going to be at the pool or in the nearby town shopping, so swimsuits and dresses are perfect. I’m also taking shorts, t-shirts and jeans in case I want to have a lazy day, or if it’s cold outside.

  • Evening clothes

Normally my evening clothes would be dresses and flats, but it’s March, it’s still a bit cold, and I know that where I’m going gets quite cold at night, so I’m taking t-shirts, hoodies, jeans and trainers for evening clothes. Just clothes that are comfortable and warm for eating dinner and going for walks.

  • Travel clothes

A lot of people think they need to be wearing nice clothes on the day they’re travelling too, and while that’s totally allowed I personally don’t do that. Travel day is always a boring day and it’s a day where you’re allowed to not have done your makeup, or not be in your best clothes, so for travelling I’m just wearing my most comfortable top and jeans with my favourite boots.

I hope you guys enjoyed the post.

I’ve never done a clothes post before so give me any feedback in the comments.

I may or may not be able to post next week depending on if I have wifi or if I get any good photos.

Until next time.