Hey guys!

So one of my most popular posts was my make-up haul that I did a few weeks ago, and since then I’ve gotten some new stuff, as well as having kept some of my favourite items. I think I might make monthly favourites if you guys would like me to. Let me know below.


This is a new addition to my makeup set. The Collection Pressed Powder. I got this in the shade ivory, because my skin is so light. I love this powder because it makes my skin feel and look smooth.


Next, another new addition to my makeup, the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in shade fair. I use this to lighten up any dark circles under my eyes and also to cover up any blemishes I have. It really lightens up my skin and lasts for a really long time.


Now this is an item I mentioned in my last makeup post. It’s the Stay Put Lip Gloss.  I bought this in shade 1 which called “Holly” and it’s a really nice deep red. It drys really quickly and lasts for a really long time. It’s only available in the UK but I’d recommend checking the makeup counters at your local supermarket for any liquid lipsticks or lip glosses because that’s where I found this and honestly it’s worth looking around for something because I love this one.


I also mentioned this brush in my last post, it’s a  Powder Brush which I bought as a set of 5. It’s really soft and I get really good powder coverage with this brush. It holds powder really well and I get really even coverage with powder and setting powder using this brush.


This is another brush from the set. It’s an Eyeshadow Brush. It’s really soft and is great for general coverage and for blending. This brush holds the eyeshadow really well so it doesn’t take forever to get the right amount of shadow on your lid.


I mentioned this Foundation in my last makeup post. It’s my foundation from Bobbi Brown. It’s in shade 0 which is called “Porcelain’. I really like this foundation because it works as light coverage as well as heavier coverage if I need heavier coverage. Bobbi Brown also have a really wide range on foundations so it’s always really easy to find a shade that suits.


I also mentioned this in my last post, it’s my Rose Shimmer Brick from Bobbi Brown. It’s got really nice colours and can double up as a blush and a highlight because it’s  got a really nice shimmer to the very mild colours that can act as my blush.


Next are some new additions to my makeup. There was a sale on at the Maybelline stand in Superdrug so I immediately went over there. I came away with 3 new things. The first is the Baby Skin Primer. I am loving this primer. It creates a really nice base for my makeup and makes my pores invisible almost instantly.


The second thing I got was the Super Stay 24 hour Colour. This is amazing!! I got this in shade 135 which is a really nice pink which is slightly on the darker side. The first step with this is to apply the colour and let it dry. Once you’ve done that you apply a conditioning balm from the other end. This give amazing colour and and keeps your lips from drying up.


The final thing I bought was The Nudes Palette. It doesn’t really need much explaining. It’s a palette of 12 amazing eyeshadows which are all really neutral, nude colours. It comes with a guide on the back for the perfect colour combinations for the best looks as well and I am obsessed with it.

So that’s my February Favourites. I hope you enjoyed it.

Let me know what you favourite makeup items are below.

Until next time.