Hey guys!

So, yesterday I was in town shopping and came home with a lot of makeup. Very little of it is expensive branded stuff, most is makeup that is affordable and can be found in supermarkets.



The first thing I bought was a Mineral Setting Powder. I love this power. It’s almost transparent so doesn’t make pale skin like mine look dark. Just a thin layer after applying your makeup helps it set perfectly and it lasts for a really long time. It’s also very cheap, but it’s only available in the UK. I’d definitely recommend checking your nearest supermarket’s makeup stand for a setting powder though, because that’s where I found this one.


The next thing I bought was a Stay Put Lip Gloss. I love this lip gloss. I bought it in shade 1 which is a really nice red, but there are more natural shades available too. The lip gloss applies really easily and drys quickly, giving it a matte appearence, and it doesn’t smudge. Again, this is only available in the UK, but I’d recommend looking at the lip glosses and liquid lipsticks in your local supermarket.


The next thing I bought was a Max Factor Mascara. This is the False Lash Effect mascara. i bought this in the shade Black Brown because I want a more natural lash look, so having black lashes don’t work for me at the minute. This mascara really lengthens lashes, making them look like falsies, without you having to go through the hassle of having to apply falsies. The mascara is also available in black and in waterproof.


Next, I bought an Angled Blush Brush from Urban Beauty United. This brush is really soft and applies my blush really well. You can also use it for contouring and highlighting. It’s also really easy to clean, and dries quickly, so if it get dirty you’ll be able to use it again soon.


I bought this Powder Brush and Angled Eyeliner Brush as part of a set of 5 brushes. The powder brush is very soft and is great for powder, bronzer and setting powder. The angled eyeliner brush is very precise and has really helped me with getting my eyeliner precise, and helped me getting the wings on my eyeliner that I really want.


My Foundation is a liquid foundation from Bobbi Brown. The coverage is really great, it can be used for light coverage or full coverage, and they have a really wide range of shades. I have really pale skin, so I buy my foundation in the shade “porcelain”.


Last but not least I bought the Rose Shimmer Brick from Bobbi Brown. I really like this shimmer brick because you can use the face blending brush to use it as a shimmering blusher, or you can use an eyeshadow brush and use each individual colour as an eyeshadow.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post.

I thought I’d do a makeup post because I haven’t done a makeup post before.

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