Hey guys!

So, as a few of you guys know, it was my birthday at the weekend!

It was very fun, with great food, friends around, and of course, presents!

Most of us have had the problem of not knowing what to buy someone, for their birthday, or for christmas. So here are a few of my suggestions for presents.

  • Buy something that suits the person you’re buying for.

There’s no point in buying a gift for someone when you know it doesn’t suit them at all and it will never be used. It’s a waste of your money, and time. Try buying something based on what they’re interested in. For example, if they love art, buy some pencils, pens or paints. If they love a certain sports team, try buying them some merchandise like a hat or a t-shirt. If, like me, they love makeup, try buying some makeup from a brand they like, or maybe even a makeup book! (That’s what I got, and I love it)

  • Buy something personalised.

Lots of people don’t like to give a card and a box of chocolates to a friend or family member for their birthday, they like giving them personalised gifts. This year I received an amazing set of personalised bracelets from a family member, and they’re amazing. Buying a personalised gift always makes it that extra bit special.

  • Buy something they need.

I know that sometimes people don’t know what kind of thing their friends want, and personalised gifts can be really expensive, but don’t worry. If you can’t get a present that fits into the last 2 categories, buy something they need. Think about it, we all need things. Some people need things like a new hairdryer, or a new camera, but remember that mightn’t be the only thing they need. We all need the smaller things in life too, for example, I needed a pencil case. And as if by magic (maybe a slight exaggeration there) I got a new pencil case for my birthday!

Items featured –

Hope you enjoyed the post! Sorry it’s a little bit later than planned.

Let me know if you use any of these suggestions, or if you have any more!

Until next time.